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Normandy '44
Normandy '44

Fri, Oct 06


Normandy '44 Location (Camp Atterbury)

Normandy '44

The event is based on Operations in Normandy, post- June 6th 1944. With emphasis both in the U.S. and Commonwealth Sectors.

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Time & Location

Oct 06, 2023, 12:00 PM – Oct 08, 2023, 12:00 PM

Normandy '44 Location (Camp Atterbury), 3008 Old Hospital Rd, Edinburgh, IN 46124, USA


About the event

Overview, Authenticity & Waivers: Click here for event documents.

Registration: Opens in June and closes 1 October 2023 at midnight. From June to 1 Aug 2023 event fee will be $35.00 after 2 Aug the event fee will be $40. At the Gate registrations will only be allowed if the person provided notice to the Event staff. At the gate registrations will be $50.  Registration fee is nonrefundable unless circumstances outside 12 Kp Events control occur. Failure to adhere to event authenticity, safety or staff regulations is subject for removal from the site without refund. 

The event reserves the right to deny any individual the ability to participate in this event regardless of cause. 

The event site will go hot at 1200 Friday, it is encouraged that all participants attempt to be on site no later than (NLT) 1700 in order to (IOT) get the full value of activities planned. Registration will close at 0800 Saturday morning (access to the event area will be restricted between 0600-0800 Saturday), again IOT gain the full value of the event experience we suggest all participants be signed in and geared up NLT 1700 Friday. If you need a special arrival time, be it earlier or between the hours of 1000-0900 Fri-Sat. Please contact event staff for assistance!

A. Location: The event is located in Edinburgh, Indiana.  

3008 Old Hospital Road

Edinburgh, IN  46124

 Google Map location:

 It is highly suggested to get all needed supplies, gas etc. Prior to arrival. 

B. Gate Access: Camp Atterbury is an active military base, therefore, access to the base is restricted.  The event does not use the main base access control point.  The event utilizes an alternate access point that is controlled by the event staff.  To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, the gate will be closed from the hours of 22:00-06:00.

C. Parking: There will be adequate parking for everyone as well as unloading facilities for Tanks and heavy vehicles.  Event directions along with parking and registration locations will be sent out after paid registration is received. No modern vehicles will be allowed in the Battle area. So, if you cannot carry it in do not bring it unless you get prior approval from event staff. Any coordination for event vehicles etc... must be made prior to 1700 Monday 4 September 2023. Anyone bringing a period military vehicle must have prior approval from event staff. If you show up with a vehicle, do not expect to take it to the training area without pre approval. 

D. Sleeping Quarters/Field accommodations:  There will be a large fabricated building in the rear are for those that are unable/unwilling to sleep in a field environment.  You will need to bring your own cot and sleeping gear.  There will also be areas for tentage.  The event staff is asking all participants to sleep in the field and there will be overhead cover/buildings in the battle area.  If sleeping in the rear area, you will be expected to be in the battle are NLT 07:30. All unit leaders will provide accountability of all their members at all times.  Nobody will be allowed to leave the battle area or base without checking in/out with Event Staff.


A. Online registration - Once you have registered and paid online you will receive a confirmation email. If you fail to receive it you are not considered registered and need to contact event staff. 

B. Mail in registration - We will accept limited numbers of mail in registration with USPS money order for payment. You must contact event staff for permission and details to mail in your registration. DO NOT mail anything to us without pre approval. 

C. Arrival on site: Once you arrive to the designated parking area- BEFORE signing in, KIT/Dress out and bring everything you are taking into the event area to the sign in tent/bldg. This is to facilitate final safety and authenticity inspections prior to being allowed access into the event area. 

D. Event Pass- Your event pass must be kept on you at all times and must have the inspection stamp on it. It is advised to keep it in your identification book. 

E. At the time of sign in you are responsible to inform the event staff of any medication or medical conditions in case of an emergency. 

F. Once you have signed in: and have received your event pass with inspection stamp you will then be directed to a holding area for briefing.  At this point you are considered live and the event has started for you. You must maintain your event pass with valid inspection stamp on your person at all times. Failure to produce a valid pass when asked may result in removal from the base. 

G. If you sign in after 1700 Friday - After 1700 there is no guarantee of transport or escort. Event Staff will do everything within its ability to get participants to the battle area.

H. Marking of equipment - at registration there will be up to 3 toe tags available for each participant to mark/tag any equipment that will be left in a HQ area and or transported with other items. You can also do this before arriving to the event. This is to ease confusion when dealing with multiple like items from different owners. Items such as rucksack/large packs, duffle bags, etc. have a chance to be transported out of site of the owner. To avoid loss etc. we are requiring at minimum items be marked with a toe tag with the following information: Name, Unit, Telephone Number. 

I. Resupply Ammo - Each participant will be asked (not required) to turn in 1 bandolier, 60rds 8mm, or Bren mag crates to respective HQs to be used for resupply. They should be marked to identify owner. This will ensure you get your own blanks back. In the event you do not turn in resupply ammo, you will not receive any during resupply. Units forming full Squads/Gruppe can combine ammo and turn in ammo cans to receive back for resupply.

J. Email List - Once you have registered and paid you will be put on an email list with your respective side. It is imperative to read this information, as there will be information regarding the event not posted anywhere else. 

Unit make up: 

A. All unit TO&E will be assigned by each sides respective COC. 

i. American: Mr. Matt Sternad @

ii. British: Mr. Bernard Montgomery @

iii. German Heer: Otto Landrik @

iv. German Luftwaffe: Otto Landrik @ & cc

v. German Waffen SS: Kurt Kringler @

B. Units that wish to stay together must have a minimum of 7 personnel and be willing to be assigned additional personnel. Smaller groups less than 7 can request to be in the same Squad/Gruppe. Though we will attempt to keep friends together during the initial TO&E assignment. Realize, due to actions throughout the event, could result in squads/gruppes being combined IOT bring other elements up to strength. 

C. If you do not have a unit or group attending, you will be placed into a Gruppe/Squad.

D. All Squads/Gruppe will fall under a Platoon/Zug or Company/Kompanie COC. At no time will a unit operate outside of their guidance. This is to ensure the event runs smoothly, as some scenarios are guided through orders. 

E. Trained medical personnel are asked to identify themselves prior to the event and bring medical aid bags in case of “real world” medical emergencies.  All unit are expected to have at least one “Medic/Sani” to treat wounded.

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