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Ohio County 2024
Ohio County 2024

Fri, Feb 16



Ohio County 2024

Into the Ohio County 2024 will be a brand new event than it had been in years past. The impression and theme of the event is February 1779, the siege of fort Laurens.

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Time & Location

Feb 16, 2024, 10:00 AM – Feb 18, 2024, 10:00 AM

Ravenna, 5200 Hayes Rd, Ravenna, OH 44266, USA


About the event

Into the Ohio Country February 16-18, 2024

5200 Hayes Rd Ravenna, OH 44266

Into the Ohio County 2024 will be a brand new event than it had been in years past.  The impression and theme of the event is February 1779, the siege of fort Laurens.  Our impressions and many objectives and tasks are based of this historical theme.  This year we are making a tactical and period task based objective event.  This means not only are pre plotted objectives points based, (to be added up in a total for a win at the end of the event), but the completion of period tasks also hold points in the event.  Such tasks are, filling a canteen from a creek in the dead of winter, starting a flint and steel fire, writing and mailing letters to a courier, finding lead and casting ball and more.  Below you will find a schedule of events for Friday and Saturday.  Commanders will be given sealed orders on Friday depicting their list of tactical and task based objectives and the points they hold for the weekend.  Tactical based objectives will be marked on the map, and must be located in person to see the time at witch one can take that objective.  Objectives will be clearly marked by a red flag and a toe tag depicting the time at which that objective can be taken.  Objectives may also have other items at them such as water, food crates, ammunition and other supplies as well as a full blown encampment.  The time marked on the card at that objective denotes that the objective must be held and taken at that time plus 5 minutes.  (pocket watches will come in handy)  One pocket watch per side will be given out at the event.  It is up to the commander whether he wishes to stay and hold any objective he finds or note the time on his map and continue to the next objective and circle back when he sees fit.  Task based objectives may be completed at any place and time, unless that task requires supplies that need to be found then they will be marked on the map.  Participants are limited to 10 rounds per man.  Additional cartridges will be provided by the event.  Participants will be issued rations Saturday morning and a cooked dinner will be provided Saturday Evening.  The winning force will be awarded period prizes.  Firewood, water, and warm dry quarters are provided.  Crown forces will occupy the block house.  Continental forces will occupy the tavern.

Schedule of events


“Three points based objectives possible (points values will be in sealed orders)”

• Set up a picket post and build an overnight shelter for your forces and set a constant guard rotation from time of arrival to Saturday evening.  “brush or canvas acceptable”

• Recon opposing forces picket without being seen.  Sketch out their picket post.  Report numbers, supplies and terrain.

• Turn in recon report to HQ by 22:00 and points are graded on accuracy.


“Multiple Points based objectives possible (points values will be in sealed orders)”

• Starting a flint and steel fire

• Navigate and find food drop for daily rations

• Cooking rations (all rations must be cooked to achieve points)

• Write one letter per man and send them to the courier. (all men must have letters to courier to obtain points for group)

• Fill a canteen full of river water. (Bring back full canteen to gain point)  ( Notionally fill every canteen by holding it down at the water line for 30 seconds each.  )

• Capture Trader Camp

• Transport trade items, captured items and fur bundles back to block house/tavern for points

• Each side is limited to 10 rounds of ammunition each when taking the field.  2 ammo caches will be on the on battlefield one with complete rounds ready to take.  The otherwill have pre made cartridges as well but it will also have lead, a kettle, mold and spoon and you will only be able to take as many cartridges from the crate as balls you can cast,. Casting does not have to be completed at cache.

• Take and hold 3 tactical ground objectives (timed)

Lootable Items:-Cartridges (not for points)

-Tavern Chits (25pts/ea)

-Fur bundles (50pts/ea) (event provided)

-Canoe (100pts) (event provided)

-Food Crates (50pts)

-Food (not for points)

-Water (not for points)

-Pocket watch (50pts event provided)

-Large cook kettle (100pts event provided)

Timed tactical objectives include:

1.)​Fresh Water Spring 100pts

2.)​Trader camp 100pts

3.)​Ammo cache 100pts

4.)​Ammo cache 2 100pts

5.)​Letters to courier 100pts

6.)​Tactical ground objective 1 100pts

7.)​Tactical ground objective 2 100pts

8.)​Tactical ground objective 3 100pts

Commanders will be tasked with tracking their units points throughout the event and logging them on their sealed orders.  The side with the most points at the end of the event will win prizes to take home to their side.

Please review the tasks listed in this document.  Please bring any period items such as pen and ink, paper, flint and steel or pocket watches to accomplish your tasks.  Practice these period tasks before the event to improve efficacy of your team.  Any team caught cheating will be docked 300 points per incident.


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