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The Taste of History
Field Kitchens

Finally, an event that will put your kitchen to the test in a friendly battle of the rations. The goal is to provide period rations which the general public will be welcome to sample throughout the afternoon on Saturday and which will conclude with a judged competition in a battle of the field kitchens.

The registration form for your kitchen is at the bottom of this page.


Judging will take into account the quality of the food prepared as well as the quality of the kitchen display. There is funding in place to cover the expense of food for every field kitchen and each kitchen will have a donation bucket assigned to them; the proceeds of each bucket will be split 50/50 with the kitchen which raised the money.


We understand the effort and expense that goes into a field kitchen set up so we hope this will help you out.


We would like to represent military rations from as many eras as possible. If you think you and your crew have the skills and your kitchen display is up to snuff, this is your chance to display them and interact with the public in a way that connects them to the past through food. 


Plan on cooking and serving samples to the public. The event will be providing disposable plates and utensils for the public. You MUST provide us with a list of ingredients that you are using (for allergen reasons) AT LEAST  2 weeks before the start of the event - ingredient list to be emailed to: Please keep all food receipts and bring them to the event, so that you can receive a check on arrival.

We will leave each kitchen to decide how much food is appropriate to make based on their kitchen set up but we do recommend maxing out the kitchen's capacity. For example, if your kitchen has a kettle and it is designed to feed 200 men, plan on filling that at least once. The public will generally only get small samples but you don't want to run out too quickly and the cost of the food will be compensated. Bring your paper receipts with you to the event and you will be given a check on site. The museum just need appropriate documentation.

If you have any questions or wish to coordinate your display contact or join one of the following FB groups: 


Sandstone Field Kitchens (group for units bringing kitchen set up to the event)


Best years of our Lives 1945 Reenactors page (Group for WWII Homefront impressions)


Sandstone Reenactors (Group for organizing reenactors for the event)

Event address:

Sandstone Village

736 Milan Ave, Amherst, OH 44001


Parking address:

Amherst Junior High School 

548 Milan Ave, Amherst, OH 44001

Field Kitchen Registration Form

Thanks for registering for our event. See you there!

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