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The Taste of History

Event Time: Thursday - Sunday June 15-18 2023


Address: Sandstone Village, 736 Milan Ave, Amherst, OH 44001

For more information about Sandstone Village, visit their website here.


A unique public display timeline event with a beautiful historic backdrop and a fun spin focused on the food and rations that fed soldiers across all eras. There will also be space provided for WWII homefront and camp follower displays. Put this one in your calendars; it has all the makings of a first class public event. It is well funded, well advertised, and is ideally located near Cleveland Ohio. We expect a very good turn out.

All eras are welcome, friend and foe alike. We want to provide the public with a window into the life of the average soldier and one of the best ways to connect is through food. Field kitchens of various eras will be competing and offering samples of period meals to all attendees.

We will also have military surplus and historical vendors, so you can shop for a piece of history to take home with you.

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